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Our mission is to partner with people to reach their God potential. Our vision is to change the world through 50 influential campuses across the globe. From our original campus located in Cooper City, Florida, we have seen the expansion of this dream with the launch of our other Florida campuses in Hallandale Beach and Pensacola.

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At Potential Church, we strive to create and maintain engaging, distraction-free environments where people feel comfortable and welcomed. This value drives us toward excellence and a desire to elevate the experience at all of our campuses. Last Temple Centurion season, we replaced over a dozen fai led a.c. units across all campuses, replaced damaged roofing and laid down new flooring, which incurred a cost of $410,000.

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There’s no doubt that we’re passionate about reaching beyond our four walls to impact and invest into our communities. Jesus said in John 13:35 that the world would know that we are His followers by the way we love each other and help those in need. Following His command, we commit to being some of the first responders to natural disasters in our communities.

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Several years ago, a group of people felt God leading them to leverage Pastor Troy ’s creative and unique teaching style, funding the initial launch of our TV outreach project. Pastor Troy’s evangelistic heart immediately connected with our local audiences, resulting in steady and consistent growth in every city our program aired. Moving into 2014, Potential Church is now broadcasting on four major networks with an audience of over 82,800 weekly viewers (NBC/Fox).

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Potential Church has always been financially responsible, as we minister today and plan for tomorrow. The last building project at our original campus in Cooper City required the borrowing of $10,500,000 to see the project completed. As God continued to bless Potential Church, we were given two additional church properties.

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Temple Centurions are those that lead by protecting God’s presence, proclaiming His Hope, and promoting His church through their generosity, commitment, and obedience.


In the Old Testament, the TEMPLE was where God’s presence dwelled. In the New Testament, a CENTURION was a commander in the Roman army that led a century (100 men). A Centurion was someone who protected, proclaimed, and promoted the vision of the Roman Empire through their leadership. At Potential Church, we have combined the spirit of the Old Testament with the passion of the New Testament by developing leaders we call TEMPLE CENTURIONS. Temple Centurions understand that in order to bring about real change in the world, it requires going above and beyond the tithe. They stand firm on the promises of God, and believe that their financial support can be multiplied by Him to accomplish great things.

Steph and I want to thank all of our Temple Centurions for their unrelenting passion for God and His people. We are blown away as we consider all the financial support that Temple Centurions pour into our church and this ministry.